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About Us


In 1999 this endeavor began as Hoyt Construction and Backhoe service, a one man crew with a small backhoe. Over the years it grew into a larger operation, still family owned and operated, known recently as Controlled Drainage Systems, Inc. As Controlled Drainage we continued to provide quality service in the general excavation and AG tiling industry until 2015, when it was decided to close the construction side of the business. Among other endeavors this, The Parts Trailer, is one we have continued to put time and financial resources towards in order to offer a quality product to the drainage industry.

Having been in the drainage industry, as contractors, for 20 years we have felt the frustration many, many, times of getting to that last connection, or you hit that tile you were not expecting, or it was absolutely an eight when it really is a six – and you don’t have the materials you need. How far is the shop? How close is the nearest yard? How many guys will sit until parts arrive?

When you are not tiling where do all your materials sit? In the back of your shed? In a pile of weeds you can’t mow because their are parts laying everywhere?

This was often our case and like everyone we had used old trailers and home built containers but one year we decided that we wanted a better solution. Something we could just always hook onto and go. Something we could always find the parts we needed or see the ones we don’t have for the next day. So we created The Parts Trailer.
Over the last 5 years we have worked with local welding shops to produce the trailer and have had limited capacity for production but in early 2016 a partnership with Ideal Industries, Inc. was secured to build the latest trailer models. Ideal has multiple manufacturing locations and extensive material handling capabilities as well as cutting edge equipment to offer a superior process for producing our trailers. You may recognize the name from their line of stringer trailers.

logo_llc_finalNow, The Parts Trailer brand is operating directly beneath a parent company Hoyt Opportunities, LLC. which is still family owned and operated in west central Iowa.