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If you are tired of getting to the job-site only to find you do not have the fittings required to finish the project, or maybe you are just tired of picking up fittings which are all over the shop, your yard, or the neighbors field, then this is the trailer for you!


The all-new 2017 Parts Trailer has user adjustable bins of varying sizes to accommodate all the necessary tile fittings one would need to install and / or repair tile. Detailed Specs Below
Custom laser cut panels ensure all your parts are easily visible from outside the trailer so that with one quick glance you know exactly what you have in the field or on hand in general.The trailer is 20ft long with full length center shelves and 4 10ft bolt on bins, each of which can accept up to 7 divider panels!img_0897
Led lighting, full powder coat paint, and tandem torsion bar axles make this trailer rugged and good looking!
Detailed Specifications

Tire and Loading Information:
Front: ST205 75R15
Rear: ST205 75R15
Spare: None
Rim: 15″

Manufactured By: Ideal Industries, Inc.
GVWR: 3,182 KG (7,000 LBS)
GAWR ALL 3,182 KG (7,000 LBS)
LBS Per Axle: 3,500

Empty Weight: 3,300 LBS based on standard configuration

Lighting: LED

Brakes: Electric
**Vehicle brake controller required for non-emergency use